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27 April 2020 @ 03:41 pm

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selectively adding! most posts, when i do update, are public.
(but let's be honest, i'm 99% on tumblr now.)
27 May 2011 @ 07:07 pm
It's been almost half a year since I updated this, and the more I put off writing something the more I have no idea what to say, but I am determined to start using this again because I've missed being on LJ, and commenting back and forth with you guys! I suppose a little update of my life is in order, but I guess the sad thing is there's really nothing new to update, besides the number of shows I've caught up with.

Really, though. Hopefully this post removes the barrier and I'll start flooding your friends page with my entries.

(PS. I had to refrain from writing irrelevant stuff in the tags text-box ala Tumblr (mine!) because unlike there, my tags system here is organized. More organized. Okay, it's pretty messy too but even in its glory mess it's still much more organized than over there.)
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10 December 2010 @ 09:38 am
If anyone ever wondered, hey, what does Jalyn actually sound like? Here you go. But yes, I'm attempting to start posting on LJ again and trying hard to stick by it! Hopefully I won't fail big times like the last few times. I was actually planning on asking for fic requests too, but it might be too late for Christmas/New Year... /fail.
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As per this article:
It was also revealed to us that auditions for the Superman reboot are currently taking place, and our source dropped the name of one actor who they know has auditioned for the film. This actor's name is Zachary Levi, who you all know from the NBC TV show Chuck. It's unknown at this time what role he auditioned for, but one can guess that it was for the role of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman.

I'm on the fence deciding if I want him to be Superman or not (Jimmy Olsen, maybe; he'll need to bulk up a lot for Superman!) but this was a) a great deal of lulz and fun and b) good Photoshop practice, so have at it! Original picture here, bits and pieces of the outfit from Superman Returns stills and the background from here. :)
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18 May 2010 @ 10:48 pm
I did a little trim on my friends list, since I don't really use LJ anymore (or at all). Case in point, if you can't see my last friends locked entry from three months ago, then I've removed you. I'm not putting in the effort required to really connect with you guys, and you deserve more than that! There's definitely no hard feelings on my end here, and I still adore all of you. Feel free to PM me if you think I made a mistake though, since I'm really sleepy right now, haha. In any case, best of luck for everything you do, and if you have Twitter or Tumblr, both of which I'm more active at than here, you can find me at straylighting on both! I'll see you on the other side. :)
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Why are you still watching How I Met Your Mother?

I still love the show! The characters are still all flawlessly written! I love Don! (and more)*
I'm holding out for the hope that it gets better.
NPH's abs.
There is nothing good on Monday nights at 8PM. ***
I don't have a frakking clue. :(

* I love the non-strides the writers are taking with Ted! And Lily and Marshall! And the incredible backwards journey for Barney and Robin!
*** False! Chuck is on in that very same timeslot. Please, watch it if you're not. It's amazing.

Whoops, two asterisks got lost somewhere between the last month when I was radio silent on LJ and now. Life's pretty crappy right now and I'm not dealing very well with it, but anyway! Hi guys, I miss you all. :)
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31 March 2010 @ 11:47 am
So two nights ago, I was like, yes, let's make posting entries a regular thing because this is a journal and it's good to be prolific! And then the server kept crapping out on me that night, so I took it as a sign. Which leads me to today! I'm actually still totally on a high after the Chuck episode yesterday, because it was excellent and just tugs at everything my heart has to offer.

In other TV news, I'm all caught up with Modern Family, and like I said on Twitter, it made me feel bad that I didn't continue after the pilot! I'll be hanging my head in shame right about now. It's amazing and hilarious, and I can't even decide which of the three families I love the most. I think my favourite moment was the dog butler and Gloria's reactions to it, but there are many other little moments I love. I'm on 4.03 of Battlestar Galactica as well, and the pilot of Psych.

The main point of this entry is this poll though is that now that I've added on my list of shows and fandoms, I'll love to see what we have in common besides those I already know! So, ticky boxes craziness, let's go. :D

shows and fandoms, part i

Arrested Development
Battlestar Galactica
Eli Stone

shows and fandoms, part ii

How I Met Your Mother
Legend of the Seeker
Modern Family
Power Rangers
That '70s Show
The Big Bang Theory
The Office
Veronica Mars
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Chuck vs. The BeardCollapse )

HIMYM - Of CourseCollapse )

And finally, Castle! This is my first live as it airs episode after watching it for the first time and catching up last week in three days, which I believe is a record. Castle - The Mistress Always Spanks TwiceCollapse )

There's not much to say about TBBT, although Penny's closing comment - yes, please. I've fallen off the Life Unexpected wagon, so I'm going to wait for the entire season to air before watching it, I think, although I do still love me some Shiri Appleby. Otherwise, in other TV news, I caught up with Community (love it), catching up with Legend of the Seeker now (love it, want to write Chuck/Sarah into that world and die a little on the inside thinking about it), I have the Battlestar Galactica mini-series and Season 1 on my hard drive so I'll do it after finishing LotS' first season and waiting for the second to be, uh, obtained.

Annnd... that is all, thank you for reading and stay awesome, guys!
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02 March 2010 @ 11:03 am
First things, I didn't hate it. Not even that scene, and while I don't enjoy that last scene either, I think on a grand scheme of things, this was a much better episode than Chuck vs. The Mask for me, since I wasn't left with a feeling of extreme dread when the end rolled by.

Because I like cupcakes, that's why!Collapse )
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DON'T FREAK OUT. PICSPAM OF THE 3.07 - 3.15/16 PROMO.Collapse )
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